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              "Helping families with wellness and

abundance solutions, one drop at a time."

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Learn the Best Way to Start Each Day

  • Focused

  • Inspired

  • Motivated

  • Grateful

Get in the Right Mind Set to Bring:

  • Creativity 

  • Abundance

  • Positive Energy Flow

Jump Into The Courage Zone

  • Joy

  • Freedom

  • Opportunity

Working from Home

Are you looking for a business that fits around your life?  Let  me show you where time freedom, financial freedom and the ability to truly make a difference can be found.  I invite you to learn more about my Internship Program.  Isn't it time to achieve the lifestyle you dream about?

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"Home-based businesses are one of the fastest-growing segments in our economy"

"That trend will only continue, as the age of the corporation, which began barely a century ago, now gives way to the age of the entrepreneur." 

-Paul Zane Pilzer

Start your own home based dōTERRA business with me!

 Whether it's full time or part time this opportunity could be the right fit for you.


Proven System

Residual Income

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 10.43.33

This is HUGE when you're starting your own business.  Having a Mentor that has already had success, assisting you in starting your own business.  You'll have the support needed to find your own success in reaching your goals.

It's been called Passive Income or Reoccurring Income.  It's money earned long after active work has been completed.  We like to call it making money while you sleep.  Many call it FREEDOM.  

This opportunity is Residual Income.  Let us show why starting a doterra business was the best financial decision we ever made!

We'll teach you how the best in the business are doing it.  Only 33% of small business start ups succeed while 93% of the new franchised businesses succeed.  The success rate is in having a proven duplicatable system.  


We all want to be successful, right?

The best way to find success is to have the support of a successful mentor and follow a proven system. 


Our Internship gives you both.  You will be taught the proven system with a mentor to answer all of your questions as you go along. 


Our Internship program is free to those who are new to DoTERRA and apply.  Applicants may also be eligible for free business tools and essential oil samples.


Share with us all your passion for starting a Home Based Business in your application.  What would a powerful residual income do for you?  What are you waiting for? 


Let's start working together to make it a reality. 

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To Apply for our Internship Program!

"Are you ready to get SpOILed?!"

You deserve a chance to improve your family's wellness

Are you wanting to try out the highest grade essential oils?  Our Spoiled Kit was designed for you to Try It before you Buy It.  When you order a Spoiled Kit you can see the DoTERRA difference for yourself.  New to using essential oils?  No problem we'll teach you as you use these products every day for one week.  We have great give aways too.


Order Your Spoiled Kit

Choose which date 

you'd like to start getting 



Receive daily e-mails to

assist you in experiencing the oils. 

Respond daily for our awesome

Give Aways!


Have a Wellness Consult

We want to hear how your

Spoiled Week went and help

you with your health needs

and goals and give you a

$35 Gift.

Receive your Kit in the Mail

We welcome you to be a part of our natural health and financial freedom journey.


What a journey it has been!!! Craig and I both grew up without much of a natural health back ground. When we started our own family we started to be drawn to it bit by bit. Lucky for us we have been blessed and helped by others along our path. We will be forever grateful for friends who have reached out and blessed our lives with knowledge and opportunity. It’s usually the best things in life that come to you through friends and loved ones.


Our Story

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