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Our Story

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Our Journey of
Wellness and Abundance

I remember the first time I used an essential oil. I was a little skeptical but open enough to try. The first few times that we tried the oils and had a positive result I said to myself, “It was getting better anyway.” As time went on I wasn’t able to use the “It was just a coincidence.” story any longer. I watched as my 5 year old son during an asthma attach stopped coughing and wheezing and his air passages opened and he starting breathing in 35 seconds after using Breathe oil on his chest and cupping it over his mouth. Our lives changed as this small son was able to get relief from chronic ear pain in minutes and completely solve his ear issue in 1 1/2 days. This little boy had many many ear infections in his young life and had been on many many antibiotics. For pennies on the dollar and an empowered sense of security as a Mom I could now bless my family in my own home! It didn’t matter if it was in the middle of the night. It didn’t matter if it was viral or bacterial I found true power because I have essential oils in my home. I’m ready for anything!!!

As I started to feel more secure in caring for my families health in an all natural and inexpensive way we had a different kind of ailment come to our family. This time it was financial. In 2008 the economy changed so drastically that the financial security of many were at risk. We were hit especially hard. My husband Craig is a home builder. In a matter of a year there were no more homes being built. His livelihood was gone. We struggled to find odds and ends ways of bringing in some income but things were extremely tight. Again it was friends who offered a solution. dōTERRA who had offered solutions for our health could also offer solutions for our finances. We jumped into teaching others about using essential oils for a safer, cheaper and more effective way of caring for their health. The more we shared, helped and educated others the more our finances changed. In one year we had replaced our income and were mentoring others to do the same.

Our journey continues to be a blessing to our family of eight. Our kids know how to use essential oils for their needs both emotional and physical. We are so grateful to not only be blessed in our own home but blessed to bring peace and security to many other homes. The more we have worked with dōTERRA the more we know that we are working shoulder to shoulder with a company that has integrity, loves people and wants to support people all along the way in better more natural health and financial healing. We are committed to blessing others with empowered success. All you need do is ask.

Lynn Gines

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